Our Commitment To Quality and Safety

In our ongoing effort to produce superior high-performing products, we are investing in both real-world and laboratory testing to ensure that safety and reliability are considered in every product we develop.

FMVSS 126 Testing Initiative - Cognito Passes Test, Meets NHTSA Standard

An example of our commitment is our FMVSS 126 testing program. The FMVSS 126 regulation was established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to prevent injuries and save lives by reducing the high percentage of rollover crashes.

The test standard has evolved to include measures to prevent aftermarket equipment from causing Electronic Stability Control (ESC) malfunctions or interfering with a driver’s ability to maintain control in critical driving situations.

What this all means, is that we are taking steps to help ensure that your vehicle performs as well, or better with our products installed, than it did when it was delivered from the factory.