Cognito operates from the core "brand promise" that we pledge to design and manufacture premium truck, SUV, and UTV products, created from authentic technology without compromise, that you can count on for real performance and quality.

How do we grow industry relationships? By saying what we mean and doing what we say. We are currently growing our valued network of warehouse distributors and direct dealers with top-notch distribution partners who share our core values and who can commit to preserving the integrity of our brand promise.

Our Value Proposition: We don't chase sales by discounting price, because we won't compromise on quality, and as a company, we must be strong and healthy, because that’s what it takes to ensure that we’ll be here when you need our products and support.

If you are a stand-up organization experienced in selling top-tier truck, SUV, and UTV performance products - we are interested in exploring opportunities with you.

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