Welding Career Opportunities

Cognito has immediate career opportunities for production MIG welders and production TIG/MIG welders to join our team and build a career. Qualified candidates must be able to demonstrate solid welding skills and be able to follow welding procedures and instructions accurately and dependably with maximum consistency and efficiency.

Primary Duties:

• Follow procedures in setup, prep, quality control, accuracy, and accountability.
• Print reading, machine setup and completion of structurally sound welding operations using appropriate MIG and/or TIG welding techniques.
• Setting-up and measuring assemblies, fixturing and application of job-appropriate methods.
• Material handling, cutting and prep work, utilizing saws, hand tools and specialized metal working equipment.
• Practicing safe fabrication, handling, loading, unloading and storage of all materials, and maintaining clean work areas.
• Stand ready and eager to perform other duties as needed to support the Cognito team.

Skill Requirements:

• MIG and/or TIG welding proficiency with all metal types and shapes i.e. carbon steel, chromoly, aluminum and stainless steel.
• Skilled at setting up and performing basic maintenance on welding equipment.
• Previous experience in welding, manufacturing, welding courses or another related field.
• Adept at using conventional metal shop and fabrication tools, safety equipment and procedures.
• Familiarity with reading, interpreting and following basic schematics.
• Good written and verbal communication.
• Dependability, promptness and courteous to fellow staff.

Education and Experience:

• High school diploma or G.E.D. Certificate, vocational training, and/or on-the-job experience equivalency.

Position Type and Expected Hours of Work:

• Full-time position, 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday

Salary Range:

• $15.00 to $19.00 /hour

Benefits Offered:

• Health Insurance
• Paid Time Off
• 401K Matching Program

Cognito is an Equal Opportunity Employer dedicated to providing a safe, drug-free work place. This position is subject to random drug testing, skills and safety pre and post hiring testing and evaluation.

Information about Bakersfield: 

Bakersfield has long been known as a stopover for those traveling between Los Angeles and San Francisco. But people who consider putting down roots in the area will find a healthy job market and an affordable place to raise a family. In fact, it's Bakersfield's strong sense of community and family and its booming oil and agriculture industries that keep the region thriving.

In some ways, Bakersfield feels like Texas: Oil rigs dot the horizon, and honky-tonks are easy to come by. But the metro area's location in the fertile San Joaquin Valley has instilled in residents the love of fresh, locally sourced foods, which is at the heart of California culture.

Bakersfield has hundreds of miles of bike paths and lanes and nearly 60 parks, offering locals plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, residents are a short drive from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and some of California's expansive national forests.

Bakersfield is more affordable than most other parts of California. Purchasing a home in Bakersfield will cost nearly three times less than in Los Angeles. Additionally, Bakersfield residents spend more than the average American on everyday expenses like food, utilities and transportation, but that amount pales in comparison to what Los Angeles residents spend. As a result, some of L.A. County's workforce opts to live in the Bakersfield area. Bakersfield is home to a multigenerational, multicultural population. Diversity can be seen throughout the region from the wide variety of small mom-and-pop restaurants and shops selling international foods and goods. The metro area is known for its Basque restaurants, which have remained in the area long after people from the Pyrenees region of France and Spain first came to Bakersfield in search of gold.  

Much of Bakersfield's population is of working age, with about 10 percent of residents older than 65 and roughly a third of the population younger than 20. Because of high-performing schools, neighborhoods in the northwest part of the metro area are particularly attractive to families.

Bakersfield residents find plenty of ways to enjoy the region's pleasant weather, from parks within the city limits to trails in the nearby Sequoia and Los Padres national forests.

Although major league sports don't have a presence in the area, hometown fans cheer on their minor league favorite, the Bakersfield Condors hockey team. Racing fans can take their pick of asphalt, dirt, autocross or drag racing at nearby tracks.

If museums are more your scene, the award-winning Bakersfield Museum of Art is a must-see, as is the California Living Museum, known as CALM, which exhibits animals and plants native to California.