Compatibility Confirmation Required

Affected Part Numbers: 110-90196 (Old SKU: DSHK100004) | 110-90288 (Old SKU: UCAK100003) | 110-90225 (Old SKU: LSAK20)


Exception: The correct length shocks must be used. Shocks that are under proper length will over extend; shocks that exceed proper length will bottom out. Either of these conditions will cause damage to the shocks, shock hoops and upper control arms, and will not be covered by warranty. When this kit is installed using the factory mounting location, 19” is the maximum extended shock length requirement, and maximum compressed length is 12.5” (measured from center to center of mounting bolts). At ride height, a minimum of 3” of shock shaft should be showing.
Exception: 2007 was a chassis transition year, where only early (“Classic”) 2007 models are compatible with these upper control arms. Refer to body style image comparison to determine compatibility.
Exception: Vehicles equipped with level-style Autoride cannot utilize aftermarket upper control arms without modification.
Exception: Installation of these upper control arms requires installation of the recommended Cognito Limit Strap Kit specified for each application, which is designed to limit droop travel and protect other suspension components, including control arms, cv axle, shocks and shock hoops) from damage.