Compatibility Confirmation Required

Affected Part Numbers: 110-K0543 (Old SKU: FSLK101010) | 110-K0544 (Old SKU: FSLK101010.1) | 110-K0545 (Old SKU: FSLK101010.2) | 110-K0549 (Old SKU: FSLK101012) | 110-K0550 (Old SKU: FSLK101012.1) | 110-K0551 (Old SKU: FSLK101012.2) | 110-K0555 (Old SKU: FSLK101020) | 110-K0557 (Old SKU: FSLK101022) | 110-K0560 (Old SKU: FSLK101040) | 110-K0561 (Old SKU: FSLK101040.1) | 110-K0564 (Old SKU: FSLK101043) | 110-K0565 Old SKU: FSLK101043.1) | 110-K0568 (Old SKU: FSLK101045)


Exception: Installation of a CV-style front driveline will be required in order to safely operate the vehicle in 4WD over 20 mph, which is required to minimize driveline vibration that can lead to damaging the transfer case and/or differential.
Exception: For safety purposes, the additional installation of a Cognito HD (heavy duty) front sway bar is highly recommended for vehicles lifted 7” and taller. Using the Cognito HD sway bar in conjunction with Cognito lift kits can also prevent Stabilitrak-equipped vehicles from intermittently engaging the Stabilitrak system while turning.