Compatibility Confirmation Required

Affected Part Numbers: 110-90290 (Old SKU: UCAK100010)


Exception: The upper control arm is not designed to be the droop travel “limiter” in which case it could cause excessive wear and strain on the upper ball joint. Therefore, the correct length shock must be used so that it can act as the droop limiter. Only designated shocks that meet Cognito specifications must be used in conjunction with these upper control arms. Installation of non-designated shocks with these upper control arms will void the Cognito warranty, and may damage the control arms, ball joints, tie-rods, cv axles and other components.
Exception: 1999-2002 vehicles may be built on the 1988-98 chassis platform, which is not compatible with these upper control arms.
Exception: 2001-2010 vehicles, the span between the outer factory control arm mounting tabs on the frame must measure approximately 16.75” to be compatible.