Compatibility Confirmation Required

Affected Part Numbers: 210-90235 (Old SKU: LSDEAVER-G07) | 210-90233 (Old SKU: LSDEAVER-F81) | 210-90236 (Old SKU: LSDEAVER-G15) | 210-90234 (Old SKU: LSDEAVER-F87) | 210-90237 (Old SKU: LSDEAVER-G26) | 210-90239 (Old SKU: LSDEAVER-H49) | 210-90238 (Old SKU: LSDEAVER-GM2011-4)


Exception: NOTE, Deaver leaf springs do not include a heavy overload spring at the bottom of the leaf pack. With installation of these springs, the factory payload capacity will be decreased in exchange for improved ride quality.